Austin Stout

The Autonomic Nervous System and Your Progress

A Talk by Austin Stout (Contest Prep & Health Coach (NPC Bodybuilder), Educator and Podcaster,

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About this Talk

If you aren’t paying attention to your autonomic nervous system, you should be! This presentation will cover the inverse relationship between the two branches of your autonomic nervous system and how they relate to your progress. This presentation will also cover practical ways you can balance these two branches to get the most out of your efforts.

About The Speakers

Austin Stout

Austin Stout

Contest Prep & Health Coach (NPC Bodybuilder), Educator and Podcaster,

Austin Stout (B.S.) is a coach and educator within the physique enhancement arena. Through his company Integrated Muscle and Health, Austin has worked with hundreds of competitors and non-competitors of all ages as well as with athletes outside of the physique arena.