Jim Potvin

How Motor Units Really Fatigue and Recover: Implications for Resistance Training

A Talk by Dr. Jim Potvin (Founder, Consultant and Researcher, Potvinbiomechanics.com)

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About this Talk

This presentation will provide an explanation of how muscle motor units are recruited through the full range of voluntary efforts, and how they subsequently fatigue (when active) and recover (when turned off). A model will be presented that explains individual motor unit fatigue progression and recovery during exercise and work, and this is crucial to understanding what happens to the whole muscle. An emphasis will be placed on demonstrating that low-load, high repetition resistance training challenges the highest threshold (ie. fastest twitch) motor units, as has been demonstrated with recent findings of similar strength and hypertrophy gains with both acute high- and low-load resistance exercise.

About The Speakers

Jim Potvin

Dr. Jim Potvin

Founder, Consultant and Researcher, Potvinbiomechanics.com

Jim Potvin, PhD, is the founder and owner of Potvin Biomechanics Inc. He worked as an Ergonomist at General Motors and was an Assistant Professor, an Associate Professor and a Professor in multiple universities, between 1992-2015. He has been providing ergonomics and biomechanics consulting services since 1988.