Mike Israetel

Quantitative Exercise Selection

A Talk by Dr. Mike Israetel (Co-Founder and Chief Sport Scientist, Renaissanceperiodization.com)

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Choosing which exercises to use with yourself or those you coach has been caricatured by many as solely a matter of preference or "what fits." But we can do better than this, and quantitatively rank all exercises for a muscle group or any other purpose on a series of four indexes, letting you choose the best exercises for the needs logically, and without needless recourse to tradition or emotion.

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Mike Israetel

Dr. Mike Israetel

Co-Founder and Chief Sport Scientist, Renaissanceperiodization.com

A cofounder of Renaissance Periodization, Dr. Mike Israetel holds a PhD in Sport Physiology from East Tennessee State University. Formerly a professor of Exercise and Sport Science in the School of Public Health at Temple University in Philadelphia, Mike has taught several courses, including Nutrition for Public Health, Advanced Sports Nutrition and Exercise, and Nutrition and Behavior.