Mike Tuchscherer

Justified Training Decisions

A Talk by Mike Tuchscherer (Head Coach of Reactive Training Systems, Reactivetrainingsystems.com)

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About this Talk

How do you individualize a training plan? How do you ensure you're doing the most effective training that you can be when athlete responses vary so widely? This presentation outlines a process for figuring that out.

About The Speakers

Mike Tuchscherer

Mike Tuchscherer

Head Coach of Reactive Training Systems, Reactivetrainingsystems.com

Gold Medalist at the 2009 World Games (first male in USA Powerlifting history to do this); Won 8 USA Powerlifting National Championships; 2 Bronze, 3 Silver, 1 Gold medals in IPF World Championships; Set 3 IPF World Records multiple times; Competed internationally both single ply and unequipped.