Adel Moussa

Hormesis, hypertrophy and how anti-oxidant supplements may affect your gains

A Talk by Adel Moussa (Educator, Writer, Health & Fitness Enthusiast,

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About this Talk

The presentation will cover and contextualize evidence of anti-adaptational effects of anti-oxidant supplements from the past two decades. Concrete examples and a focus on the real-world relevance of the experimental evidence will make it interesting (and relevant) for the practitioner, in particular.

About The Speakers

Adel Moussa

Adel Moussa

Educator, Writer, Health & Fitness Enthusiast,

With the daily updates on the SuppVersity Facebook page, his activity as a reviewer for the Examine Research Digest (ERD) and the occasional peer-review for the JISSN, Adel is dabbling with the latest science on a daily basis.