Nick Nilsson

The 4 Physiological Factors That Are "Hiding" 20 lbs of Your Untapped Muscle Growth Potential

A Talk by Nick Nilsson (Author, Coach and Founder of BetterU, Inc., BetterU)

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About this Talk

Your genetic limit for muscle mass is NOT what you think it is. In this presentation, you'll learn how to transcend your genetics by targeting the underlying physiology of your body, to allow it to better support muscle growth.

These four factors are often trained passively...or by most hypertrophy programs. You will learn how to actively target and dramatically improve the quality of them so that your body is no longer held back.

We're going to build muscle not by trying to build muscle, but by building up the systems that SUPPORT future muscle growth. You are literally "leveling up" your muscle growth potential.

About The Speakers

Nick Nilsson

Nick Nilsson

Author, Coach and Founder of BetterU, Inc., BetterU

Nick Nilsson is known as the “Mad Scientist of Muscle” for a reason. An expert in kinesiology, physiology and anatomy, Nick creates unconventional, science-based training methods to achieve startling, rapid improvements in people in muscle mass, strength and fat loss. Nick has been featured in a number of major bodybuilding magazines, including Ironman and Muscle & Fitness. When conventional training lets you down, this is where you come to kickstart your results again.