Abel Csabai

How to Master Lean Bulking Phases for Efficient Muscle Building

A Talk by Abel Csabai (Author, Podcaster and Coach, Sustainableselfdevelopment.com)

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About this Talk

Lean bulking phases are the times when we can build the most amount of muscle, in the most efficient way. While the idea of eating in a small surplus while training hard sounds simple in concept, many lifters struggle with this in practice. Often they end up losing structure, gain weight too fast, or wind up spinning their wheels by under eating in the hopes of staying lean. In this presentation, we will cover everything you need to know in order to succeed with your forthcoming lean-bulking period from a strategic and behavioral standpoint.

About The Speakers

Abel Csabai

Abel Csabai

Author, Podcaster and Coach, Sustainableselfdevelopment.com

Abel is a writer, podcaster, video creator and coach at Sustainable Self Development, helping people to get into their best shape, while also improving other facets of their life. He realized a few years ago that building as well as maintaining a great physique does not merely come down to knowing how many calories to eat or how many sets to do in the gym. Many people fail to maintain their body-fat percentage or to stick to a lean-bulking routine time and time again, despite having all the right information. His mission is to help people see true and lasting change in their physique and lifestyle, by using practical and sustainable strategies.