Susan Kleiner

Grain Brain? Wheat Belly? Not in this loaf: The science, processing and culinary art of heritage grains.

A Talk by Dr. Susan Kleiner (Owner of High Performance Nutrition and Director of Science and Communication for Vitargo, High Performance Nutrition)

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About this Talk

The practice of sports nutrition is at a crossroads. Carbohydrate is an essential fuel for high intensity athletic training. Yet many of our clients are retreating from including the "staff of life" and one of our most convenient food sources of carbohydrate and other essential nutrients, the loaf of bread, in their diets. Concerns for the health of the public and our planet around commodity wheat and highly refined milling and processing is growing. While there are some unfounded fears, experts from the plant sciences, environmental sciences and nutritional sciences can confirm the reality of other evidence-based claims. The answer is not to eliminate all grains from the diet, but to reach back to the heritage grains and processing methods of old, bring them forward with the benefits of current plant breeding and engineering techniques, blending historic and modern knowledge to enhance both wellness, access and community. This presentation will introduce the participants to the visionary evidence-based work occurring in plant breeding and nutrition science, grain processing and baking of heritage grains.

About The Speakers

Susan Kleiner

Dr. Susan Kleiner

Owner of High Performance Nutrition and Director of Science and Communication for Vitargo, High Performance Nutrition

PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN. Dr. Sue is a titan in sports nutrition. Her seminal research on male and female bodybuilders launched the study of the nutritional needs of muscle building, power and strength. She is the Director of Science and Communication for Vitargo, Inc., owner of the internationally recognized consulting firm High Performance Nutrition, LLC, and author of seven books including her bestseller, The New Power Eating®. Dr. Sue has consulted with pro athletes and teams, Olympians and elite athletes in countless sports, and is currently the High Performance Nutritionist for the WNBA World Champion Seattle Storm.